Hanging Moon Lamp

The Hanging Moon Lamp and the Ancient Romans

  • May 15, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Having recently brought out our amazingly beautiful Original Hanging Moon Lamp we thought we’d talk a little about the more mythical side of our muse. The ancient Romans were known for many things, including their contributions to lore and mythology. Even the Moon was not exempt from their touch!

Their name for the magnificent astral body and the stunningly divine, flowing haired female embodiment that controlled it was Luna.

As we all now know, the Earth, Moon, Sun and stars are all constantly moving and rotating as we make our journey through the vastness of space. But back in ancient Roman times – when people believed the Earth to be the center of everything – Luna would be depicted driving the Moon around the Earth with her chariot that was pulled by two mighty horses. The sheer idea that this could be true must have been an exhilarating and mind-boggling thought to the ancient civilization!

So when designing our Moon Lamps we tried to recapture that sense of wonder and awe. Like the ancient Romans, we want you to be able to look up at your Hanging Moon Lamp and think ‘WOW!’

For our Hanging moon lamp – as with all of our lamps – we spared no expense in creating a wonderfully accurate and faithful tribute to Luna and her Moon. While ancient Romans didn’t have telescopes to be able to study the moon, we here at The Original Moon Lamp have access to hundreds of high quality NASA satellite images which we used to lovingly and painstakingly design the Hanging Moon Lamp.

While it was rare for the ancient Romans to produce actual models of the moon – instead preferring to depict Luna as the human embodiment of the Moon – we make sure that all the materials we use are tried, tested and 100% safe before they head out of the door. The Hanging Moon Lamp is 3D printed in-house and thoroughly inspected for any imperfections or unwanted artefacts as a result of the 26 hour printing process.

Thinking about buying one of our Hanging Moon Lamps for a child? Great idea! A Moon Lamp is the perfect gift for little ones! They would look amazingly unique hung in a kid’s bedroom, and because the bulbs used inside it are energy efficient and low heat there will be no burnt little fingers!

Let’s talk delivery! As well as being amazed by Luna, the ancient Romans also came up with the postal service. They would send parcels via horse and carriage or even just a runner. But don’t worry – we aim to provide a much quicker and more efficient service! When you order your Hanging Moon Lamp we guarantee we will get your order processed and delivered as fast as humanly possible AND we also provide free shipping to anywhere in the world!

So what are you waiting for? Our online moon lamp store is open 24/7 and our friendly and experienced staff members are always ready to help in any way that they can. Make Luna and the ancient Romans proud and get your Original Hanging Moon Lamp today!