The Heng Balance Lamp

The Heng Balance Lamp: A Beautiful Balance of Art and Practicality

  • May 19, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

While we here at The Original Moon Lamp are famed for our stunningly accurate and beautiful Moon Lamps (obviously), we are also proud to be able to offer something a little bit different. A jaw dropping meeting of both practicality and art: The Original Heng Balance Lamp.

With its clean, simple design The Heng Balance Lamp is a highly innovative and modern take on an otherwise every day, ordinary piece of furniture. Originally created by the award winning designer Zanwen Li, he aimed to create a product that would capture the imagination and excite the senses – a goal that he not only met but surpassed!

As well as being a fully functioning lamp, The Heng Balance Lamp can also be very much considered a piece of art. It is simply crafted and deceptively minimalistic. The sturdy wooden outside structure containing the light itself wonderfully frames the two magnetic balls within that hang serenely, seemingly held by some unseen magic power.

Not only is it the perfect piece of functional art that would look perfect in any home, but The Heng Balance Lamp makes for an abstract and unique nightlight that can be used by children. It is made of tried, tested and certified non-toxic materials that are 100% safe for even the smallest and most inquisitive of people to use and handle.

The LEDs shine at a comfortable 3500K warm white, and the lamp puts out a highly practical 360 degree beam of light. The LED’s are guaranteed to last for up to 55,000 hours and will never get hot, meaning that parents can rest easy as there will be no burnt little fingers!

Standing at an impressive 15.8” (40cm) tall and 7.9” (20cm) wide, The Heng Balance Lamp comes in a variety of four different styles: a confident red, a pure white, a deep black, and a natural wooden finish. All are as stylish and fashionable as the others; it’s just down to you to decide which one will suit you and your home the best.

While we’re confident that all that sounds great, we haven’t actually answered the question of how The Heng Balance Lamp actually works! It’s a good question with a unique answer! The two magnetic balls work as the lamp’s switch. You lift the lower magnetic ball towards the top one, and as soon as the two are close enough to attract each other you have light! Then to turn it off you simply separate the two magnetic balls. It’s simple, it’s quirky, and it’s already pleasing satisfied customers around the world!

And as a little added bonus, the more you buy, the more you save! We love to give our customers some bang for their buck, and we are happy to offer a discount of up to 12% to customers who purchase multiple items across our range of lamps.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our amazing and fully stocked online shop and get your hands on the beautifully designed and lovingly crafted Heng Balance Lamp Lamp now!