Hanging Moon Lamp

Hang The Moon Back In the Sky

  • May 10, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

There is little in this world more calming, serene and magical than being sat under a beautiful night sky. You look up to see the majestic Moon keeping you company, hanging peacefully amongst the sea of winking and blinking stars. Well with The Original Hanging Moon Lamp you can bring this mystical experience into your very own home!

Here at The Original Moon Lamp we have made some amazing products: Lamps that sit nicely nestled on stylish bases; table lamps that are propped up my modern stands; even lamps that levitate! So we decided to take the next logical step. The Moon belongs in the sky, so that’s where we hung it!

The Original Hanging Moon Lamp will look perfectly at home wherever you decide to put it: In a bedroom to help create a calming, romantic atmosphere; In a dining room or living space to provide a unique and exciting focal point; In a child’s room to give them a reassuring and relaxing nightlight. The possibilities are endless.

Available in a variety of sizes, the Hanging Moon Lamp was designed using high quality NASA images, meaning that every inch of the moon’s surface is faithfully and accurately replicated. The lamp provides a 365 degree beam angle and the color of the lamp can also be adjusted: You can select either a pure naturally white full moon glow or a creamier, warm summers evening glow. And furthermore the Hanging Moon Lamp even looks amazing when it’s turned off, so day or night it truly is a marvelous spectacle that deserves a place in your home.

All of our lamps have been tested and certified as 100% safe. The materials are non-toxic, the bulbs do not heat up and we feel confident in saying that even the smallest of children would love to be able to look at, touch and explore the beautiful Hanging Moon Lamp!

For those of you that aren’t DIY-minded as you’d like to be – don’t worry. Installation is ridiculously simple! We provide everything you’ll need, including all fixtures, fittings, cables, bulbs and even screws! Our easy to follow instruction manual will guide step-by-step through the installation process and will have you up and running in no time.

But wait – how could you make this already amazing lamp even more special? It’s simple – we also provide a customization service! So if you have a special photograph or some cherished, meaningful words then be sure to let us know when you’re checking out! We can print them directly into the lamp itself, meaning that they won’t become worn or tired looking over time.

We perfectly package each and every item, ship worldwide and endeavor to make the quickest delivery possible. And because we understand you want to make the most of your hard earned money, if you combine two or more of our products you can makeup to an awesome 12% saving!

So what are you waiting for? Click your way to our shop, grab your very own Hanging Moon Lamp now and put this exceptional lamp where it truly belongs: hanging peacefully above you.