Heng Balance Lamp

The Fun and Excitement of the Heng Balance Lamp

  • July 22, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Who doesn’t love to own something cool? Something really interesting and special that electrifies your senses and fills your mind with childlike wonder? Well the amazing Heng Balance Lamp encapsulates that sense of fun and excitement in one unique and beautiful product.

First let’s start off by just looking at it: Two balls are displayed neatly within an ovular wooden frame that contains a strip of brilliantly bright light around the inside of it. The two balls are attached to cords – one hanging lazily from the top, the other stood proudly attached to the bottom. It really is like a sculpture or a piece of art, and no other lamp looks like it.

Originally created by Chinese designer Zanwen Li, he was inspired to create a lamp that brings a magical, whimsical vibe to any space it is used in. It allows you to interact with a stunningly beautiful yet highly practical piece of furniture in a way that you never have before.

So let’s talk about how the Heng Balance Lamp actually works. It’d pretty ingenious really! If you want to turn your average lamp on then all you have to do it flick a switch or click a button. Boring! Luckily the Heng Balance Lamp isn’t your average lamp!

So you lift the lower ball up to meet the ball that is hanging down and...ta-daaa! Done! Let there be light! The power of the magnets embedded within the balls keep them in place as if held by some sort of magic force. To deactivate it you simply separate the balls and place the lower one back on the base of the frame. It’s that easy!

In fact it’s so easy that we are confident that even children will be able to use and love the Heng Balance Lamp! It has been carefully designed and produced using materials that are non toxic and LEDs that don’t get warm, so no matter who gets their hands on your lamp, you can rest assured in the knowledge that they won’t get hurt!

That’s what makes the Heng Balance Lamp not only an amazing lamp to work and read by, but also a reassuring and comforting nightlight for little ones and those that need it.

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