Hanging 3D Moon Lamp

The Hanging Moon Lamp Is As Useful As It Is Beautiful!

  • July 30, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

If you want to transform dull, uninspiring evenings into a magical and exciting experience then look no further than our incredible Hanging Moon Lamp. It’s a spectacular piece of functional art that looks just as amazing turned off as it does on!

We designed the lamp with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy – every lump, bump, impact crater, dead volcano and tranquil plan has been faithfully and meticulously replicated using high-quality NASA satellite images.

It is for this fact alone that The Original Hanging Moon Lamp can be considered a piece of art. It can be studied and observed to your heart’s content, and we’re sure that each time you’ll see something new and amazing when you look at it.

But the lamp has to be more than just a piece of art. It has a job to do! The lamp can switch between a bright natural white light that shines at 6000K, and a warmer, creamier warm white that shines at 3000K. Whether you are working or relaxing you can adjust the light to suit your needs. Be it a small bedroom or a large living space, the Original Hanging Moon Lamp comes in five different sizes. No matter what size room you have, we have just the lamp for you!

But what makes The Original Hanging Moon Lamp different to any other of the stunning lamps that we sell? The answer is simple – as the name suggests this lamp can be hung from the ceiling of your home. Whereas our other lamps come nested in, on or over a stylish base, The Original Hanging Moon Lamp sits high over your head. Just like the real thing!

But where it doesn’t differ is safety! As with each and every one of our other lamps, we can guarantee that The Original Hanging Moon Lamp has been tried, tested and certified as 100% safe for both adults and kids alike!

When delivered the package contains everything you need to install this superb lamp: a 1.2m (47.2inch) cable, a bulb, a bulb holder that fits all standard e27 bulbs, a ceiling fixture with screws and of course the Original Hanging Moon Lamp itself.

You can also make your lamp extra special by personalizing it. Just choose the "Customize" option once you add your Moon Lamp to your cart. You can then upload any image or text that you want, and that’s it! We do the rest! We 3D print directly into the Moon itself, meaning that the quality of the image/text wont degrade or become worn away over time.

If you are struggling to find a gift then we would suggest that The Original Hanging Moon Lamp is a truly special and thoughtful gift to give. It will stand out as a unique, exciting and original gift that we’re certain they will love!

So waste no time in getting to our online store and picking up your incredible Original Hanging Moon Lamp today! We ship anywhere in the world and your satisfaction is guaranteed!