Original 3D Moon Lamp Light

The Fantastic Features of The Original Moon Lamp

  • July 14, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

People around the world absolutely love our beautifully crafted Original Moon Lamp. It’s unique, it’s arty and it’s practical. But let’s explore some of the specially designed features that make it so exceptional and exciting!

The Original Moon Lamp comes in a whole range of sizes from 8cm (3 inches) all the way up to 22cm (9 inches). Which one you choose is up to you, but each and every single one is a thing of mystical elegance. Want a gorgeous bedside light or an eye catching centerpiece for a table? Then you’re probably going to want a larger model! Want a small, interesting, cool curiosity for on a desk or shelf? Then you’ll probably be better off with a smaller size! The decision is all yours!

The Original Moon Lamp puts out plenty of light. You have a choice between a creamy mid-summer’s evening moon glow and a bright white full moon glow. You can switch between the two shades at the touch of a button. And to make it even more exciting the light is dimmable! Whether you need The Original Moon Lamp Light to read or work, or you just want a nice gentle reassuring glow, the touch sensitive dimmer switch means you can set your lamp to the perfect brightness.

Another highly useful feature is that The Original Moon Lamp is totally wireless! That means there’s no need for unsightly wires and plugs if you want to use it! Instead we provide you with a USB cable that you can use to charge your lamp. With only a two hour charge time we can guarantee a working time of up to 12 hours.

While many may not find a wire too troublesome, it ensures that The Original Moon Lamp is extra safe should you have small children or pets around that might accidentally trip on the wires!

And speaking of small children, let’s discuss the most important feature of The Original Moon Lamp: its safety! We took every precaution when designing the lamp to make sure that it is as safe as we can make it. From the low heat LEDs we use to the tested and approved materials that we 3D print with, our lamps are FCC, CE and RohS certified as 100% safe. So never fear if small hands get curious and want to explore it – we designed it with them in mind!

Is value for money considered a feature? We think so! We want to make sure you get a high quality product for a reasonable price! You won’t find a Moon lamp as lovingly crafted and vigorously tested out there on the market at such a fantastic price. And if you want more than one of our Original Moon Lamp then we are more than happy to offer discounts on multiple items! You can save up to a whopping 12% on your total order price if you buy up to 5 items.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our online store and treat yourself or someone you love to The Original Moon Lamp today!