Heng Balance Lamp

Simplicity Is Key With The Heng Balance Lamp

  • July 06, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. When life becomes complicated people often feel lost, confused and unsure. Simplicity is key. This is the same simple mantra that we kept in mind when it came to the design of our beautiful Heng Balance Lamp.

Simple yet beautiful. That was our mission objective and we feel like we accomplished it with bells on! Standing at an impressive 15.8” (40cms) tall, the Heng Balance Lamp is a unique piece that can become a magical focal point or conversation starter in whichever room it lives.

Consisting of a sturdy yet elegant wooden oval with the lights contained within, it is activated by raising the lower ball towards the top one. It is held a small distance below using magnets where it seems to almost magically float in mid air, framed serenely by the outer wooden oval. The effect really is quite startling and breathtaking.

While many would describe the Heng Balance Lamp as a piece of art, we wanted to blend the wonderful aesthetics with practicality. We appreciate that no matter how great a lamp looks people are still going to want to put it to good use! That’s why the 3500K white LEDs offer a magnificent 360 degree beam that can be used for working, reading or relaxing.

The Heng Balance Lamp’s warm, soothing glow means that it would make a prefect nightlight for a child. Many young ones cannot sleep without the comfort of a light, and the Heng Balance Lamp offers a gentle glow that will provide that security while not interrupting their all important sleep. And as an added bonus the simple design means that it is easy for little ones to use and quite an impressive, interesting and fun feature for any little explorers’ bedroom.

Speaking of little ones, the Heng Balance Lamp was also designed with children in mind, meaning that not only is it simple to use but also 100% safe. We test and check each and every component of each and every lamp before we send it out for delivery to ensure that it is safe to be used by anyone and everyone – big or little!

‘How much is the Heng Balance Lamp?’ we hear you cry! Well don’t worry – it certainly won’t break the bank. We have balanced quality with price, meaning that you are getting a fantastic quality product at a very reasonable price. And you can even choose what colour you want – with lamps available in red, black, white and natural wood!

But wait – we can sweeten the deal even more because we offer a range of amazing discounts if you buy multiple items! You can save up to 12% on your total order price if you buy up to 5 of any of our amazing quality, stunning products!

So head on over to our wonderful online store now! Our helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff are available 24/7 and would be happy to make help.

Customer service is very important to us and we want to make sure you have perfect lamp for you and your home!