Original Moon Lamp

Fall In Love With The Magical Original Moon Lamp

  • June 26, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

“Would you like to come in for a coffee?” Jenn asked coyly, tucking her long auburn hair behind her ear. Tim smiled. He was her devilishly charming date. After their wonderful meal they had planned to take a stroll through the park and take in the night air, but despite the night starting out clear and warm, the weather had conspired against them and a fine but persistent drizzle had set in.

“Sounds good.” said Tim, tentatively stepping through her front door as she took his hand and led him inside. The house was dark save for a warm creamy glow coming from one of the rooms down the corridor. Jenn motioned him into the room while she hurried off to the kitchen to busy herself making coffee.

As Tim stepped in and pulled off his somewhat damp coat he gazed around the surprisingly well lit room. There was a lovely big sofa with a ridiculously fluffy blanket on it, a bunch of purple flowers smiling from a large vase by the TV, and sitting neatly on a small wooden coffee table in the middle of the room was a stunningly magical centerpiece and the source of this beautifully ethereal glow: A Moon Lamp.

He sat down on the sofa to study the wonderful object. The detail was astounding. All of the lumps, bums, craters, valleys and mountains looked to be exactly where they belonged. It sat proudly in a stylish, modern base, and as Tim reached out to pick it up he noted that not only did the Moon Lamp feel like a solid, high quality product, but it was still cool to the touch. The pair had met at the restaurant at 6 and it was not pushing 11:30, so the 3D Moon Lamp had been lit for at least that long, and still it wasn’t hot. Neat!

Jenn returned with two steaming hot coffees and set them down on the table before sitting next to Tim and curling up in his arms. “You know, I’ve read about these lamps before!” Tim enthused, “It takes over 24 hours to 3D print them and they are designed using photographs from NASA themselves! You can tell,” he motioned towards the Moon Lamp, “just look how detailed it is! That’s pretty awesome! And they’re tested to death before they even send them out to you. Though to be fair I know I wouldn’t want a faulty 3D Moon Lamp to turn up!”

Jenn just giggled and cuddled up even more into Tim’s arms. Tim was a bit of a geek, a real science-y kind of guy. And if she was being honest with herself, that’s one of the reasons she liked him so much! She studied his handsome features in the soft light of the Moon Lamp and despite the butterflies in her stomach she lent in and silenced him with a kiss. If this was falling in love then she liked it.

The Moon Lamp serenely watched on as the coffee was left to go cold.

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