Hanging Moon Lamp

Maria's Mystical Hanging Moon Lamp

  • June 18, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Maria always had her head in a book, trying to learn things and figure stuff out. She was naturally a very curious child, you see. Despite only being 5 (or 5-and-a-half, as she always liked to point out) she always had thoughts and questions bubbling around in her head. One morning she got home from a trip to her grandma’s house to find a beautiful white ball hanging above her bed and she was instantly in love with it. Her dad called it ‘the Hanging Moon Lamp’, but to Maria it was the most mystical thing in the world that she adored from the moment she first saw it.

Her daddy was always happy to pick her up before bed and let her look at and touch the Hanging Moon Lamp whenever she wanted. He would whisper “don’t worry, sweetie, it’s not hot” as he would gently encourage her to reach out towards the lamp and explore the craters, lumps and bumps that were all over this beautiful Hanging 3D Moon’s face. “You don’t get many lamps like this, do you sweetie! Ones that are nice and safe to play with like this!”

Maria just grinned and shook her head, her fine, curly brown hair brushing just above her shoulders as she became absorbed in the Hanging 3D Moon Lamp’s warm and beautiful creamy white glow. She didn’t particularly care about the Lamp being 3D being printed in one single piece and tried, tested and certified as 100% safe (although her daddy seemed quite impressed with these things), Maria just loved the time with her daddy, studying and learning about this beautiful thing that hung calmly above her bed.

Space had always interested her. She loved the way her daddy would position apples, oranges on the kitchen table as if they were planets. He would always use a grape as the Moon too before explaining to her how it all worked. And then Maria would always laugh as he would throw the ‘moon’ grape in the air and catch it in his mouth before posing like some circus act that had just completed a death defying feat!

One lazy day Maria’s daddy showed her a big book of photographs of the moon that he’d just bought. Some photographs were big, some little, some were far away and some close up. Maria laughed and pointed to a particular picture, saying it looked like a pepperoni pizza. It kind of did! Her daddy laughed too and pointed out that the Hanging Moon Lamp was designed by some super talented people using loads of high quality, detailed photos from NASA themselves.

Maria raised her eyebrows, impressed. NASA were the people that sent the people in big spaceships to the moon – Maria had learnt that at school! She guessed that made her Moon Lamp even more special! But at the same time she wished every boy and girl could have a Hanging Moon Lamp like hers to fall in love with!

Luckily they can! By heading on over to our online store you too can get your own Hanging Moon Lamp. Thoroughly checked and lovingly packaged, we ship worldwide and will get it to you as fast as possible! So treat yourself or someone you love and allow yourself to fall in love with our Hanging Moon Lamp just like little Maria did.