The Levitating Moon Lamp

The Levitating Moon Lamp: A Moonlit Spark Of Curiosity

  • June 14, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

It floated. It actually floated. the air! As a supremely confident 10 year old, Luke suddenly felt somewhat lost for words. They were studying the subject of ‘space’ in school, and in order to help the class understand his teacher Mrs Harris had brought in this...this...thing! It was the moon, but it was the size of a mini bowling ball, and when she put it over its cool little base it just hovered there in the air. How? Why? Like nearly every other kid in Class 6, Luke had so many questions. All he knew so far was that it was called the Levitating Moon Lamp. And it was awesome!

Luke was never one to show too much interest in things – he was more concerned about looking cool and impressing his friends – but when Mrs Harris asked “Any questions?” Luke was the first to blurt out his query.

“Is that actually made from the Moon?” he hurriedly asked.

In response Mrs Harris smiled and took the lamp in her hands holding it high enough for everyone to see. Deep down she was glad to see Luke suddenly so willing to learn. “Good question, but no! The Levitating Moon Lamp was actually made of a kind of plastic and is 3D printed from a computer. And it took over 26 hours to print!” The class collectively gasped, clearly impressed. “But it was designed by some very clever and artistic people using lots and lots of high quality photographs from NASA – they study space too, just like we are!”

Luke’s eyes stayed transfixed on the Levitating Moon Lamp in his teacher’s hands as she answered several more burning questions. Glowing a fantastic shade of white it made the classroom seem that little bit brighter – even on such a sunny day!

With so many hands still raised in the air, dying to ask their super important question, Mrs Harris paused for a moment in thought before resting it back over it’s cool, modern wooden base and turning to Class 6 to ask: “Rather than me telling you about it, would you all like to come up and hold it?”

There was a collective roar of ‘YES!’ as every child rose to their feet and hurried to form a (somewhat) orderly queue by Mrs Harris’s desk. And at the very front of that queue was Luke. He reached his hands out and gently took it. Wow, he thought, feeling the lumps, bumps and craters all over the Levitating Moon Lamp, this is so cool! He also noted that the not only was the lamp super detailed and nice and lightweight, but it was also cool to the touch. Every other lamp he’d touched had resulted in him rapidly pulling his hand away as his fingers got burnt. He quickly studied the bottom of the lamp, hoping to find the secret as to how it was able to levitate, but only found several super tiny markings, probably indicating that this Levitating Moon Lamp was tried, tested and 100% safe to use. That was no help!

Somewhat frustrated but thoroughly intrigued, Luke passed the Levitating Moon Lamp on and took his seat. So many questions still raced through his head and he just wanted to ask them all at once. I love this lesson, Luke thought, smiling. Finally he was ready to learn.

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