Table Moon Lamp

Practical Perfection in a Table Lamp

  • May 06, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Picture the scene: you’re sat reading a book, doing some work or perhaps watching TV, and as the day wears on the light begins to fade and darkness slowly descends. You’re going to need some light, right? So let us tell you how you transform a dull and dreary evening into a bright and magical experience.

With the Original Moon Table Lamp you can convert any space into a light and workable area. Due to its shape it casts out a 360 degree beam that’s shine can be varied between a creamy warm white and a pure cool white. Perfect for your needs, whether it be work or relaxation!

Mounted on a thin and stylish chrome stand the lamp can be easily positioned to assist light your way with any given task. Be it in a study, an office, a living space or even a bedroom, the Moon Table Lamp can provide light whenever and wherever it is needed.

It also makes the perfect nightlight for a child. Printed using state of the art technology using materials that are strenuously and vigorously tested and approved, the Moon Table Lamp is a 100% and child friendly. Lucky really, because what better way to send your young one off to sleep than bathed in the gently soothing light that the lamp casts out.

When purchasing the Moon Table Lamp you can make a choice: Do you want the Moon to sit atop the simple chrome stand or do you want it to hang below? There are no wrong answers, as each is as beautiful as the other.

And the Moon itself is easily detachable for cleaning and storage. It has been painstakingly designed using high resolution NASA satellite images to be as accurate and detailed as possible. Every millimeter of the lamp has been mapped out and printed according to these stringent and high quality specifications to ensure your lamp is as close to the real thing as possible.

Making a product that is not only stylish but easy to use is important to us, and as such all you need to do is plug it into a USB power source and you’re set. Be it a computer, laptop or USB plug, you shouldn’t have to worry about the lamp running out of power or needing new batteries.

While the Moon Table Lamp can be used effectively for its intended purpose, it can also be seen as a stylish and modern piece of art. There is something intriguing about blending such an ancient astral body with the sleek modernism of the chrome stand. The old alongside the new: for those with an artistic eye and a broad mind it asks questions and seeks answers.

It really is amazing that all of this is combined into such a simple package! So don’t relay, head on over to our shop now, get your hands on one of our Original Moon Table Lamps and see for yourself the practical majesty that owning one will provide.