Moon Lamp

Where Could You Put Your Magnificent Moon Lamp?

  • May 24, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

From the moment that you set eyes on our stunning Original Moon Lamp we are sure that you’ll fall as much in love with it as we already have! Lovingly made, strenuously inspected, carefully packaged and quickly delivered, the Original Moon Lamp will make a fine addition to your home.

But where could you put it? That’s a very good question that we’re going to try to answer now!

Let’s start off with the most obvious applications! The Original Moon Lamp would be perfect on a bedside table or desk, providing plenty of light to read or work in. While the lamps put out an impressive 360 degree beam of light, the LEDs within are not dazzlingly bright. You won’t find yourself being blinded or getting annoyed by our lamps while trying to do something! Oh no, instead, the light they put out is comfortable and completely fine to work in

Sat neatly on its modern, simple wooden base, the Original Moon Lamp would also make an impressive and unique centerpiece for a table, sideboard or shelf. While functioning as a lamp, it will quickly become a focal point and a conversation piece. Not many people can say that they have such an impressive yet functional piece of art in their home!

How about using it as a nightlight for kids? The warm creamy glow of the Moon Lamp will provide a comforting and reassuring glow should the child wake up, but isn’t so bright that it will interrupt their much needed sleep! And as a quick side note – we make sure that all the materials we use are 100% safe to be used by adults AND children, and check and test every single lamp before it heads out of our door! So we can add ‘safety’ to the list of amazing qualities of our Original Moon Lamp!

So as you can see, here are just a few suggestions as to where you can put the Original Moon Lamp in your home. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! And if the Moon Lamp doesn’t suit your needs then don’t worry – we have a whole range of other Moon Lamps to select from! But whichever product you decide on and wherever you choose to put it in your home, satisfaction is guaranteed.

And we haven’t even mentioned the pocket sized keychain version of our 3D Moon Lamp! At a miniscule 4cm (1.6”) it is unobtrusive, discreet and the perfect size to attach to a bunch of keys. And of course as with all of our other amazing products, the 3D Moon Keychain glows in a beautiful white light. A wonderful way to make an otherwise dull bunch of keys look exacting and exotic!

You can get your hands on the Original Moon Lamp, the 3D Moon Keychain or any of amazing products via our online store today! We offer fantastic discounts of up to 12% on multiple purchases, and we will get it shipped to you as soon as humanly possible!