Moon Lamp Room Style

The Style of the Moon Lamp

  • April 08, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

When it comes to making your home look amazing and making a room really ‘pop’, have you ever considered that the answer to all of your problems could come in the form of a stylish and classy moon lamp? You haven’t? Okay, let’s take this back a little bit!

If you asked 100 people about home style and interior decoration it’s a safe bet to assume that the vast majority of them would see themselves as fashionable, modern and up to date on current trends. No one likes to get left behind and everyone wants to be seen to be keeping up with the Joneses.

There are a seemingly infinite amount of options available to you when it comes to interior decoration and the possibilities are endless! Wallpaper, paint, carpets, laminate flooring, hard wood flooring, tiles, couches, chairs, fabrics, materials...when you think about it the range of options is staggering! But as if matters weren’t confusing enough already, you have to also consider how you will accessorize your room when you have the main components sorted.

A colorful bunch of flowers, a surreal piece of artwork, a montage of lovingly taken family photographs...all are wonderful and perfectly valid options! But every room needs that special little something to make it really stand out and give it a certain charm and a pinch ne sais quoi!

Well, have you ever considered that the perfect accessory to a room could be a perfectly scaled 3D Moon Lamp? You haven’t? Then let me tell you all about it! Accurate and painstakingly detailed, this customizable moon lamp can bring something unique and exciting to any space that it lives in. No pun intended!

Due to the variety of sizes it can be purchased in – from an adorably small 8cm/3 inches wide all the way up to an impressive 22cm/9 inches – the moon lamp can be incorporated into any given living space in a multitude of ways. For example several small lamps could be nestled nicely together in a display bowl on a side table, or perhaps a large lamp could be featured prominently on a shelving unit or sideboard. As I said – the possibilities are endless!

And those of you with children need not worry – the Moon Lamp is 100% safe! While it does indeed contain a light within it, the lamp puts out no heat so it’s not hot to touch. The materials have also been tested to within an inch of their life to ensure that even the littlest of people can enjoy this wonderful lamp!

So if you want to give your home some style then look no further than the classic moon lamp. Whether you’re looking for a warm, creamy glow or a dazzlingly pure white light, we have something for you! So don’t delay – head on over to the shop, buy your custom moon lamp now and bring a beautifully unique sense of grace and style to your home!