Love You To The Moon And Back

Show Someone You Love Them to the Moon and Back

  • April 14, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

When it comes to buying gifts for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas it can often be quite a difficult task to find something cool and different. Sure you could go the traditional route and buy flowers and chocolates or perfumes and aftershave, or you could go the easy route with gift vouchers or cash, but have you considered buying something truly special? Perhaps something not available on the high street?

Well look no further for we produce an amazing – and fully customizable 3D moon lamp. Do you have a cherished photograph? Or perhaps some meaningful words or a special special message that you want immortalizing? You do? Fantastic! Well these things can be printed directly into the lamp itself.

Many other companies print graphics on top of the plastic due to it being quick, cheap and easy. However that makes it susceptible to getting scratched, worn, or become removed entirely. We’re different though; our 3D printers produce the images and text as it prints the Moon Lamp, meaning that your memories and words are actually part of the lamp itself. This guarantees that whatever is printed into the Moon Lamp stays there!

A generously thoughtful gift that will be truly appreciated by anyone that receives it, the Moon Lamp comes in a variety of sizes and tones that can make a wonderful accessory to any home. Be it helping to create a serene, peaceful and calm environment or maybe a stylish, elegant and inspiring feature focal point, the Moon Lamp has a variety of amazing uses that are sure to delight.

But that’s adults – of course adults are going to enjoy a special customized gift, but what about the more discerning recipients: Kids! Well what child doesn’t look up to the night sky, see the moon and dream? Our lamp allows them to do that! It is 100% safe and while it’s not a toy per se we invite young curious hands and minds to hold it, to interact, to learn.

Accurately scaled and staggeringly detailed, the lamp puts out no heat and as such always remains cool to the touch. The materials have also been strenuously and vigorously tested to ensure that even the roughest of little explorers won’t damage it!

When you order the product comes packaged lovingly in a cardboard (giftbox optional) that contains not only the Moon Lamp itself nestled in silk ribbon to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in transit, but also a tasteful and modern wooden holder so the lamp can be displayed and a USB cable that allows it to be charged.

So if you’re struggling for gift ideas then the wonderfully high quality custom Moon Lamp could be just the unique and special thing you’re looking for. It’s a beautiful, stylish and elegant gift that allows the young to learn, it allows the old to remember and it allows you to shows someone that you really do love them to the moon and back!