The Original Heng Pro Balance Lamp

The Original Heng Pro Balance Lamp: Fantastically Functional Feng Shui!

  • May 04, 2020
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Many customers around the world have fallen in love with our Original Heng Balance Lamp, adoring its wonderfully simple design and amazingly unique functionality. But now we’re ready to take it to the next level and we’re proud to introduce to you the next generation of that product: The Original Heng Pro Balance Lamp!

So let’s talk a little about the lamp itself first! If you were to translate the word ‘heng’ from Chinese you would find that it means ‘constant’, ‘permanent’ or ‘lasting’, and through the lamp we hope to bring a little yin and yang qi energy and feng shui into your home and life!

The design of the Original Heng Pro Balance Lamp is stark and simple: two orbs – one hanging down and one standing up – are framed perfectly within an elegant elliptical wooden structure. The structure is solid yet has a strangely captivating fluidity to it, and truly is a statement piece for your home.

In it’s powered off mode a single orb hangs down from the top of the ellipse. The second sits peacefully on the lamp’s base. It is when you raise that second orb up however that the true magic happens. The lower orb – tethered to the base of the Heng Balance Lamp – is ethereally held in place just underneath the hanging orb. It is this action that activates the lamp as the lower ball serves as the switch.

But as impressive as all of that sounds, there seems to be nothing to differentiate this new product from the Original Heng Balance Lamp. What makes this version Pro?! Let’s explore that!

The Original Heng Pro Balance Lamp has many extra functionalities that make it its own unique and very exciting product! First off we have removed the need for the lamp to be physically plugged in. The Heng Pro Balance Lamp contains a rechargeable built-in battery that will ensure you can have hours of beautiful light without the need of a cable.

Next the light coming from the Original Heng Pro Balance Lamp is adjustable in a variety of ways: it has 6 interchangeable LED brightness settings that can be altered using touch controls hidden neatly away on the side of the lamp’s base. These controls can also be used to control the color of the light that the Heng Pro Balance Lamp emits. You can choose between a cool, mystical white light and a warm, creamy white light.

So as you can see, the Original Heng Pro Balance Lamp truly is a step up from the original iteration of this design. It is available in a variety of colors to suit you and your needs, has an LED lifetime of 55,000 hours (that’s over 6 years of constant light), and creates a calm and soothing aura to any environment it is in.

However you look at it, the Original Heng Pro Balance Lamp is an incredible piece of highly functional furniture! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our online store now and bring a little bit of that PRO balance into your life now!