How We Here At The Original Moon Lamp Are Staying Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic!

How We Here At The Original Moon Lamp Are Staying Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic!

  • April 10, 2020
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

The world might seem like a pretty scary and uncertain place at the moment, but here at The Original Moon Lamp we take safety very seriously! As such we have put in place a whole series of measures to help ensure that our staff and our customers stay as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Firstly we ensure that our entire facility is tidy, clean and disinfected to the highest standard. But we don’t just clean and disinfect once a day – we do it multiple times every single day. We even hired in a dedicated team in to make sure that every single surface is scrubbed and cleaned to within an inch of its life!

Secondly we installed hand sanitizing stations throughout our facility. As you know, if you want to avoid contracting the disease it is important to maintain clean hands. We don’t want any of our staff becoming sick or transferring germs between each other, so we provided the fully stocked hand sanitizing stations so they can keep their hands disinfected! And of course we are observing social distancing rules!

Thirdly, and not only do we keep our facility and hands clean, but we also ensure that all the equipment we use is disinfected. That includes our chairs, desks, computers, tablets, 3D printers and (most importantly) the amazing Moon Lamps that they print! We want to be certain that when we ship your item that it is clean and sanitized!

Fourthly and finally we make sure we keep updated on the very latest information regarding the coronavirus pandemic. We review and evolve out plans and routines to keep up with the most recent guidance and we are not afraid to adapt our work environment or routines if it helps ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

So rest assured in the fact that when your Moon Lamp reaches you it is clean, sanitized and safe to use and handle! We want you to be able to enjoy you Moon Lamp worry free! As you can see we are doing our utmost to make sure that our products are as safe, clean and sanitized as humanly possible all while still maintaining the amazingly high standards that our many valued customers have come to expect from us!

From all of us here at The Original Moon Lamp, thank you for your continued support and please stay safe!