3D Illusion Lamps

The Original 3D Space Lamps: A Gift That Everyone Will Love

  • October 18, 2020
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Buying gifts for someone can be hard. In this day and age everyone seems to have everything, which makes shopping a fairly difficult experience! We don’t envy people that slave away for hours on end looking for the perfect thing to buy someone. So let’s take a step back and think outside of the box: Have you considered giving the thoughtful and unique gift of an amazing Original 3D Space Lamp as a gift?

We’ll admit that yes, there are an abundance of different lamps out there...but our lamps are different! Yes of course they work wonderfully well as atmospheric, mood setting lamps, but if you were to look beyond the intended function of the 3D Lamp, you would be pleasantly surprised by the sheer thought provoking artistry of some of our designs.

Everyone can appreciate art and exciting, forward thinking, elegant design. Our 3D Lamps are stylistically designed to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery. While they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we refuse to believe that whoever casts their eye over our lamps won’t be marveled by their sheer beauty.

So who wouldn’t love to receive something as thoughtful, modern and artistically exciting as one of our lamps as a gift?! Be sure to head on over to our shop and check out our lamps and judge for yourself. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

So that’s buying for adults checked off of the list...but what about the more discerning and hard to please little customers? We understand that buying gifts for children can sometimes be harder than buying gifts for adults!

So when it comes to buying for a child then don’t worry – It’s not as big a challenge as you think! Our lamps are made from a high quality, durable and functional acrylic glass plate, meaning that even with the roughest of little explorers it is highly unlikely to break or become damaged.

In fact this would make a perfect gift for a child! Often times children like the security of a nightlight. They provide a safe and comforting glow should they awaken during the night. Well luckily our Original 3D Space Lamps make the perfect nightlights that will surely help any child relax and get some sleep after a long tiring day of being awesome! And the cherry on top is that our lamps come in a whole variety of designs that any child would love to have on display in their bedroom!

The wonderfully vibrant and colorful LEDs are guaranteed to last for up to 50,000 hours, meaning that the Original 3D Space Lamp can be enjoyed for years to come! Luckily they are low energy and won’t become hot over time, so you can relax safe in the knowledge that no matter how long the lamp is lit it will never become too hot and a hazard to handle!

Whether you’re shopping for an adult or a child, then we have the perfect gift for you. Our lamps art artistic yet fun. Abstract yet exciting. Useful yet beautiful. So if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift to show someone that you really care, head on over to our shop, take a look around and pick up an Original 3D Space Lamp now!