Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp

Making Music with the Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp!

  • October 07, 2020
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

We were thinking: We all love enjoying our favorite music via Bluetooth speakers, and we all love the beautiful aesthetics of a skillfully crafted moon lamp…why not combine the two?! Well that’s exactly what we did! So ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce to you the incredible Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp!

Over the years we have sold countless moon lamps and customers around the world have been 100% satisfied with our product, but with the Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp we can confidently say that we have taken the quality and usability of our lamps one step further. The quality of our lamps remain unbeatably high, but using a bit of creativity, ingenuity and lateral thinking we have installed small yet powerful speakers that will take the already high quality of our lamps to the next level.

But how does it work? Good question! Well as the lamps name suggests, all you need to do is connect your smartphone to the lamp via Bluetooth. Once the phone and lamp are pared it will provide a high quality and stable link between the two, meaning that you can listen to whatever music you want without working about losing signal or low quality audio. And what’s more, because the moon lamp utilizes Bluetooth 4.0, that means that the system can be used entirely wirelessly, meaning that wherever you roam in your home you should always be able to maintain that high quality connection!

So let’s change gears a little and talk about the process of creating the lamp itself: how do we do it and how do we maintain such a high quality at all times? Well first off our lamps are designed by a team of experts that painstakingly map high resolution NASA satellite images onto their computer designed models. We then 3D print the finished design in one whole piece using 100% eco-friendly materials.

Within the lamp the LEDs work tirelessly to give the lamp its trademark ethereal glow, whether it’s a pure white (6000K), a warm white (4500K) or a creamy yellow (3000K), you are sure to find a setting that you love! And charging it only takes a matter of hours! A 2-3 hour charge will give you up to 30 hours of light, music and entertainment!

“But who is the lamp for?” we hear you cry! Good question, and we can answer with one simple sentence: all of our moon lamps can be used by anyone! It doesn’t matter what age they are, there are no limits as to who can enjoy our amazing Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp.

SO what are you waiting for, music lovers?! Get your hands on the incredible Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp now, and enjoy a lifetime of light, music and fun! Head on over to our fully stocked online store where you will find something that you are sure to love. And if you have any questions our team of helpful and knowledgeable staff are ready and waiting to help you out!