The Magic of the Moon... In Your Hands

The Magic of the Moon... In Your Hands

  • March 27, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

You know us, you know our product, The Original Moon Lamp, but let’s take a step back and talk about our muse. Our beautiful inspiration: The Moon.

Do you ever just sit back and gaze up into the night sky and let your eyes fall upon the Moon’s pale face, shining down silently and surrounded by winking stars laid upon their blanket of black? It feels mystical, ethereal and almost...magic.

At just shy of 340,000 miles away and at the grand age of 4.5 billion years old, the Moon is Earth’s closest neighbor and oldest friend. So why, when it has been around for so long, does the Moon still capture mankind’s imagination and hold such a special place in our hearts and minds?

Perhaps it is the consistency of its existence: The Moon has never not been there. It has gently shone down and un-judgingly bore witness to every single event since before the very first life forms existed on this planet and will continue to do so long after life has evaporated off of the face of the Earth.

Let’s talk about the moonlight. Where does it come from? Well while the Moon doesn’t produce any of its own light it does reflect the light of the Sun. This ties in with humanity and our ability to self-reflect and look inwards into ourselves. Reflection is pure, unaltered, unedited and sometimes even sad. It is for this fact that many see the Moon as a peaceful and lonely figure that offers a truth which can be looked to when mulling over thoughts, worries and problems.

Pockmarked with craters and scars, the Moon is our protector, vacuuming up a lot of debris in space that otherwise might collide with Earth. Yet still she remains present, casting down her hauntingly dazzling moonlight on cities too busy to notice. On children gazing up from their bedrooms. On lovers enjoying the warm night air. You can find this amazing similar pattern on our Moon Lamps.

And perhaps it is for these reasons that many cultures around the world believe in a certain magic that the Moon provides. That its appearance and various different (but equally beautiful) phases can bring about change, be it physical, psychological or spiritual. Suffice to say when the Moon reaches its fullest, largest and brightest many believe transformation occurs. Read our blog post Delivering Ambiance One Moon Lamp at a Time.

And you can experience your own kind of transformation in the form of The Original Moon Lamp. This beautiful lamp can immediately bring change to any room it is in, providing a calming and relaxing glow. Or perhaps it can become a stunningly unique focal point that can stimulate conversation and reflection.

However you choose to use this modern, high quality and exquisitely detailed moon lamp is completely up to you. We tried to capture the magnificent essence of this beautiful and complex celestial body and we hope that we did a good job, and more than anything we hope you enjoy a little slice of that Moon magic that the Original 3D Moon Lamp is sure to provide.