Moon Lamp Meditation

Delivering Ambiance One Moon Lamp At A Time

  • March 12, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

We had the opportunity to connect with one of our clients after she wrote to us to share her overwhelming contentment with her Original Moon Lamp. Our client, Sophia, is a Sound Therapist. She holds public and private sessions in her place along with giving healing sessions in a Holistic Center.

In her public sessions, she gives Sound Baths every full and new moon, so she adores the theme of the moon. She has several Moon Lamps of different sizes that sets the perfect tone and flawless ambiance during those moon events. Her clients have commented on the lamps and a few have even purchased some too. “The ambiance of our healing rooms is just as important as the work that our message or sound therapists undertake. If the ambiance isn’t right, the client has a very difficult time relaxing or reaching a calm state while the body work is being carried out.

She not only uses them during private sessions in her home, but also at a holistic center. “They allow me to set the right mood of calmness and relaxation mingled with a dash of magic to create a peaceful healing room” she states. “They set the tone in the holistic centre where other message therapists and healers use them as well.” What she noticed the most is the importance of the right atmosphere when clients enter a healing or message room.

We are very delighted to share with our readers how content our clients are when everything lines up and our moon lamps perfectly blend in the right settings. We know how versatile the 3D Moon Lamp is, whether in a home, a spa, or a holistic center and for a variety of events too.