Will I need to buy batteries?
No. This wireless moon lamp does not require any extra batteries. It comes with a 400mAH rechargeable battery already built in, and comes with a USB cable to recharge it.

Is the moon lamp hot when it is turned on?
No, the moon lamp does not emit any heat. You can safely touch and hold the moon lamp when it is on.

How do I know when my moon lamp is done charging?
When you begin charging your moon lamp, the lamp itself will show a light red (or blue) color to indicate that it is charging. When your moon lamp is no longer glowing red or blue, but is still plugged in, it is fully charged.

Does it come with a stand?
Yes! A wooden magnetic stand comes with every moon.

Is it safe for children?
Yes absolutely. Kids will love our moon!

Is this lamp safe?
Yes. This moon lamp is 100% safe, and has been RoHS and CE certified to prove it. You can also browse our various reviews from previous customers to see its positive feedback below.

Does the moon lamp work while recharging?
No, the moon lamp will only work while unplugged. The battery will last between 6-8 hours depending on how dimmed it is. 

If you need a Moon Lamp that will work while being plugged, opt for this product instead: https://www.theoriginalmoonlamp.com/products/original-moon-table-lamp

Can I customize my moon lamp?
Absolutely! You can customize any moon lamp (except the 8cm) with text and/or picture. When you add it to your cart, just choose the "Customize" extra option and we will contact you by email to request the needed material. 

Can I buy a gift card?
Definitely! Just click on this link : https://www.theoriginalmoonlamp.com/products/gift-card