Small or Big Moon Lamp

Size Matters When It Comes To Moon Lamps!

  • September 20, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

When buying one of our amazing moon lamp products there are a lot of decisions to make: Which lamp are you going to choose? Where are you going to put it? Do you want it customizing? As I say – lots of decisions. But one big decision you have to make is on the size of the lamp you choose! So today we’re going to try to help you make that choice!

Most of our moon lamps come in a range of different sizes, starting from small compact discreet sizes all the way up to gigantic, awesome, “wow look at that” sizes! In fact to get all of the relatively boring details out of the way, here are your options: 8cm (3”), 10cm (4“), 12cm (5“), 15cm (6“), 18cm (7”), 22cm (9”) and 24cm (9.5”).

Plenty to choose from, right? But bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better – it’s all down to where you’re going to display your moon lamp. Let’s explore some of your options.

A smaller moon lamp would look perfect maybe in a nice display bowl on a table nestled among other similar sized objects. It would make a fancy little unobtrusive display piece. Maybe you have a small shelf or something that just needs an extra bit of pizzazz and wow? That’s where your smaller moon lamps could make all the difference.

Now let’s move up a size. Medium sized moon lamps would make a fantastic bedside lamp. They’re big enough to give out plenty of light while not being so big that they take up most of the bedside table.

Each comes with a unique display method – for example the Original Moon Lamp comes with a stylish blocky wooden base, the Levitating Moon Lamp comes with a sleek rounded base and the Table Moon Lamp comes on a modern chrome stand. All look great and none would be overbearing if purchased with a mid-sized moon lamp.

Also while we’re on the subject of bedside lights, we’d like to take a moment to highlight the fact that all of our moon lamp products use low heat LEDs. This means that they don’t get hot to the touch no matter how long they stay lit! So whether you’re looking for an awesomely unique bedside lamp for an adult or a child, we have you covered because they’re super safe!

And now we come to the largest moon lamps we have available. If you want to make a statement or want a grand unique feature then the large lamps are the lamps for you. If you have a big lamp then you’re going to need a nice big space for it. Possibly on its own in the middle of a table or on a large desk. There are a lot of places that a large impressive moon lamp would look truly stunning.

Ultimately the choice is yours. Head on over to our online store now and take a look at the wide range of products that we have available. Plus our friendly and helpful staff will happily lend a hand if you have any questions. We’re sure whatever size moon lamp you choose will look fantastic wherever you decide to display it!