Hanging Moon Lamp

Partying With The Hanging Moon Lamp

  • September 05, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

So you’re throwing a party. You have loads of people coming over – friends, family – and you really want to make sure they have a great time and impress them. Make them go wow and feel jealous that they’re not you. Well here are a few tips and pointers about how a gorgeous little Hanging Moon Lamp can make you the life and soul of your party!

First things first you’ll need nibbles and drinks. Set these up neatly on a table in the center of the room below your amazing Hanging Moon Lamp. It will look great and draw attention to this unique piece of art above it! Next turn the music on and up. You will now be prepared for the party!

As guests arrive you’ll notice them taking a good long look at the Hanging Moon Lamp. Don’t worry, this is a good thing!

Maybe you could go and take a listen to what they’re saying! You’ll no doubt hear the words ‘magical’, ‘enchanting’, and ‘gorgeous’...they sure will be impressed! “It looks just like the real thing!” you’ll hear someone say. “It’s much prettier than any of the boring lights that I’ve got in my house!” Yes it is!

You’ll really want to impress them with some facts! Go and be the proud Hanging Moon Lamp owner that you are and tell them all about it! “Actually it’s the most amazingly detailed moon lamp on the market guys!” you can say. They will all turn and listen intently! Now is you time to shine!

“It was 3D printed over the course of about 26 hours and painstakingly and meticulously designed using loads of NASA satellite photographs!” There will probably be a few ‘ooo’s and impressed murmurs going around the room by then. This is completely normal and understandable.

And don’t forget to tell them all about what happens when the Hanging Moon Lamp arrives! “When delivered the package contains everything you need to install this superb lamp: a 1.2m (47.2inch) cable, a bulb, a bulb holder that fits all standard e27 bulbs, a ceiling fixture with screws and of course the Original Hanging Moon Lamp itself.” Nailed it. The partygoers will be clamouring to hear more!

The topic of safety will probably pop up. That’s understandable – no one wants to let their kids near anything that might blow them up. But don’t let that line of questioning throw you, just say: “They can guarantee that The Original Hanging Moon Lamp has been tried, tested and certified as 100% safe for both adults and kids alike!” That should allay any fears!

Oh and last but not least a recommendation is always welcome. You can tell the people attending your party that they can pick their own up over on the official Original Moon Lamp website. They deliver anywhere in the world and soon enough your partygoers could be enjoying a Hanging Moon Lamp of their very own!

And hey presto – Your party will be a success! Everyone will have a good time, drink and eat plenty, dance and (most importantly of all) marvel at your amazing Original Hanging Moon Lamp. It will spark so many conversations and be a true centrepiece! Cheers!