Original Moon Lamp

What Makes Our Original Moon Lamp So Special?

  • August 15, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Out of all the companies that sell Moon lamps out there – and there are a LOT of them – why should you buy one from us? What makes our Original Moon Lamp so special? That’s a very good and valid question. One that we’re here to answer for you!

First of all we don’t just want to make a lamp that you take no notice of. That’s boring! Instead, we want to make a product that makes people go WOW! It has been designed with love and care, and when you stop and study our Original Moon Lamp you will clearly see what a majestic marvel it really is.

Our world class designers used thousands of high quality NASA satellite images to make sure that every lump, bump, mountain, valley and groove on the surface of the Original Moon Lamp is as close to the real thing as possible.

Of course there are other companies out there that sell similar lamps to our Original Moon Lamp; however you’re taking a gamble if you are considering purchasing from them. While they may look similar to our lamp on the surface of it, upon closer inspection you will find that they are actually a vastly substandard product.

We’ve talked about how painstakingly accurate our design is, but what’s more is that where other companies print their moon lamp in two separate halves and glue them together, we 3D print our lamps as one whole piece. No seam! After all – there is no seam on the moon! It’s the little but massively important things like that that make us stand out from the crowd.

And of course here’s the big one – safety! If you’re buying a Moon lamp for in your home you want to be able to rest easy, safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to go wrong when you and your family come to use it. Well our Original Moon Lamp has been FCC, CD and RohC certified as 100% safe, so whether it’s kids or adults, anyone can enjoy our Moon lamp!

You need another reason our Original Moon Lamp truly is a superior lamp to any of our competition? Not a problem! Our moon lamps are fully customizable. Do you have a cherished photograph or inspiring words that you want to memorialise in a unique and exciting way? Well we can 3D print your image or text directly into the lamp itself, meaning that it won’t become tarnished or worn away over time.

So when you think about it we’re sure you’ll agree that our Original Moon Lamp truly is something special.

So don’t delay! Our online store is fully stocked and ready to ship out to you today! Our highly trained expert members of staff are happy to help 24/7 and will give your lamp one last check over before it makes its way to you. After all – we here at The Original Moon Lamp want to make sure that you have an out of this world experience with your Original Moon Lamp!