Moon Lamps Kids

Recapture Your Sense of Childlike Wonder with the 3D Moon Lamp

  • April 27, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

The mind of a child is a truly wonderful thing. Do you remember when you were much younger than you are today, how inquisitively you looked at the world? You weren’t as cynical, blazé or jaded as you might be today because everything was new and every experience was exciting. Well with our amazing Original 3D Moon Lamp perhaps you can recapture that sense of wonder...!

Kids love to learn. They like to expand their knowledge and if they don’t understand something they will question it. We’re sure parents around the world know of the dreaded “why?” phase! It goes something like this:

Parent: “Put your shoes on, please.”
Child: “Why?”
Parent: “Because we need to go out to the shop.”
Child: “Why?”
Parent: “Because we need more milk and bread.”
Child: “Why?”

And on and on it goes! The little darlings! But while it may, at times, be exasperating for parents, it is good to cultivate that curiosity. To encourage them to ask questions about things and explore their world. For example, imagine you have one of our beautifully designed and stylish Moon Lamps sat neatly on your table shining its brilliantly white or warm light, and a child comes along and stares longingly at it.

There is absolutely no harm in encouraging them to touch the lamp, to pick it up and explore the painstakingly sculpted surfaces. And don’t worry – because we use a combination of high quality LEDs and heat resistant materials, even after being lit for hours the lamp will not become hot, even for little sensitive hands.

In fact, let’s talk a little more about the materials we use.

All kids have heard the classic tale that the moon is actually made of cheese! What a strange and hilarious concept for a child to think about. How could there be a big ball of cheese up there in the night sky? And why? Maybe the moon cheese tastes good...or perhaps not! While our beautiful Moon Lamps aren’t actually made of cheese (sorry kids), they ARE made of 100% durable and safe materials. They have been tested in every way shape and form imaginable, and they passed all of their tests with flying colors!

The Original Moon Lamp itself was designed by our team of experts using high resolution NASA photographs to make sure they got each and every lump and bump of the moon’s surface just right. It was 3D printed over the course of 26 hours and each and every Moon Lamp printed is thoroughly checked for any imperfections or unwanted artefacts. There aren’t any imperfections on the real moon, so why should there be on ours!

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to our shop and find something that’s perfect for you and the little explorers in your life! Because with your very own 3D Moon Lamp you can learn, share, explore, enjoy and (most importantly) once again capture your long forgotten sense of magic and childlike wonder.