The Heng Balance Lamp

Let The Heng Balance Lamp Bring Inner Peace

  • June 03, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Peace. Calm. Tranquility. Emily finally opened her eyes. Who knows how long she’d been sat cross legged on her bedroom floor, but she always found that meditation helped her settle her mind and bring some kind of stillness, both to herself and the world around her. Not quite yet ready to move from the room and disturb the Zen aura around her, Emily noted the evening darkness creeping in.

She turned her head and quietly studied her Heng Balance Lamp sitting on her bedside table. A curious object, she had only just received it over the past few days and not really had a chance to see it in action. Elliptical in shape, a single ball hung down about half way, and as if by magic, when Emily took the second ball and raised it up towards the first, the lamp turned on. The second ball floated less than a centimeter below the first as if reaching up to meet it, tethered to the lamp only by the string it was attached to.

A unique design, Emily had read that the Heng Balance Lamp was created by some award winning designer called Zanwen Li. He had the aim of creating a product that would not only capture the imagination but also excite the senses. Mission accomplished, Mr Li! Emily thought as she drank in the magnificent sight sitting on the small wooden table.

Emily climbed onto her bed and reassumed the cross-legged position and studied the Heng Balance Lamp that was now filling her room with a beautiful soft light. It was simply crafted and a minimalistic masterpiece. The outside wooden structure powerfully framed the two magnetic balls within, and it gave Emily the sense that she was watching two planets trapped in a graceful slow dance within kissing distance of one another. Peace. Calm. Tranquility.

It may sound strange, but Emily felt almost a connection with this practical yet abstract piece of art: There was peacefulness to it and a certain serenity that she hoped to achieve within herself while meditating. She closed her eyes, the soft glow still lighting up the thoughts, feelings and emotions that played through her mind. Clear your mind, Emily thought, be at one with yourself. Simplicity is key...just like that Heng Balance Lamp. She grinned a little as her subconscious mind made the unexpected but very true connection.

Time had passed and night had truly set in. Opening her eyes and standing from the bed Emily stretched, took a deep breath in through her nose and slowly blew it out through her mouth. She reached out and took the second ball in her hand, deactivating the lamp by softly lowering it and placing it back on the base. She smiled at the beautiful Heng Balance Lamp as once again the room was plunged into darkness. It really was a curious thing. Peace. Calm. Tranquility.

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