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Dear Diary... I love the Original Moon Lamp

  • November 25, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Dear Diary,

Today is my 9th birthday and Dad has bought me something awesome! He gave it to me wrapped up in shiny blue paper and a big label saying “to Mike, Happy birthday, love from Dad.” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I ripped all the paper off and saw what it was. An Original Moon Lamp...and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!

I love space and the stars and planets and everything like that, so I pulled the Moon Lamp it out of its box straight away. It’s as big as a football and feels all bumpy. When I was looking closely at all the craters Dad told me about how it was made. He said that it was designed using thousands of NASA satellite images and that’s why it’s so super detailed. It looks great!

Dad told me something else awesome too; he said that the Moon Lamp was 3D printed! How crazy is that! All I use our printer for is printing off homework and that’s no fun! But this amazing lamp took over 26 hours to print on a special 3D printer. If I took that long printing my homework I’d be in trouble at school! Ha!

Dad says the Moon Lamp can go in my room next to my bed. It’ll look great as a bedside lamp actually! I get pretty scared at night – the dark freaks me out a bit, but Dad says that because it’s dimmable then the Original Moon Lamp is a fantastic nightlight for kids so it can stay on all night if I need it! I asked him if it would get hot and catch on fire if I kept it on for too long. He just laughed and said that it has low powered LED’s inside it and it’s safe for adults and kids alike!

I was looking at the box and it said that the Original Moon Lamp is FCC, CE and RohS certified as 100% safe. I have no idea what all that means, but I’m sure that it’s tried and tested to within an inch of its life before they post the Luna Moon Lamp to its lucky new owner! That’s cool – I think everyone would love one of these Moon Lamps!

Anyway, I’ve had a great day and now I’m going to go get some of my cake before Dad eats it all!

Talk tomorrow, Diary! Byeeee!

We wish Mike the happiest of 9th birthdays and we hope enjoys his cake (or what’s left of it). But wait, there’s even more we want to tell you!

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