16 Color Moon Lamp

All the Colors of the Rainbow in One Beautiful Moon Lamp

  • April 19, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

While our amazing quality and highly coveted Original Moon Lamp is undoubtedly one of the things we are most well known for, we do have something a little special should you want to add a splash more pizzazz into your home: The Original 16 Colors Moon Lamp!

Whereas our more famous Moon Lamp can be switched between the more natural colors of a warm creamy white and a brilliant bright white, the 16 Color Moon Lamp does so much more. Yes you can still go with the natural whites, but there are a whole host of wonderfully vibrant other colors for you to choose from.

Beautifully designed, painstakingly made and lovingly packaged, The Original 16 Color Moon Lamp captures the colors of the rainbow in one simple yet fantastically magical product. You can spend entire evenings enjoying time in the ambiance as it gently and gracefully transitions through the wonderful color spectrum.

The 16 Color Moon Lamp can go a long way to help setting the mood of a room: Make the space feel cool, calming and relaxed with an icy blue or green or perhaps fiery and exciting with a burning red or glowing orange. The varying effects that different colors have on a room and on a person is remarkable, and many believe there to be some kind of mystical property that can help bring you back down after a busy, hectic day.

Many people, especially children, enjoy the comfort of a nightlight while they sleep. If you wake up in the middle of a night – possibly after some kind of bad dream – there’s something reassuring about being able to see everything is in order and as it should be. Indeed we can see why people might be afraid of the dark and what may (or more likely may not) be lurking in it!

But our amazing 16 Color Moon Lamp can help with that. While it is capable of glowing comfortably brightly and lighting up larger spaces, it can also be adjusted so it gives off just the smallest amount of light. Nothing that would keep anyone awake, but enough to cast a reassuring, calming glow around.

But enough about how awesome the lamp is – we’re sure you understand how perfect it could be in your home! Let’s tell you some behind the scenes stuff!

Meticulously detailed and replicated from thousands of NASA satellite images, every lamp takes 26 hours to print and it is thoroughly checked and tested before it heads out of the door to you! Inside the perfectly packaged lamp is also a modern, stylish stand, a charging cable and a handy remote control with which you can select the color, how the many colors transition between one another and the overall brightness of the lamp.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our shop now, get your hands on the Original 16 Color Moon Lamp and soon you too could be enjoying the colors of the rainbow in one beautiful moon lamp.