Heng Balance Magnetic Lamp

Bringing Balance With The Heng Balance Lamp

  • November 15, 2019
  • by The Original Moon Lamp

Achieving balance in your life sure is an important thing to do. It’s good for your mind, soul and body. You’ve heard of Yin and Yang, right? Well that’s an old Chinese philosophy relating to good and evil, light and dark, and finding that balance and inner peace between the two. So with that in mind, allow us to introduce you to the beautiful Heng Balance Lamp.

Heng Balance Lamp...quite a strange name, we know, but let’s take a quick moment to delve into its meaning. The word ‘heng’ roughly translates from Chinese as ‘constant’, ‘permanent’ or ‘lasting’, and that’s what we hope our lamp will bring you: constant balance.

The design is simple and wonderfully minimalistic: two orbs – one hanging and one standing – are framed perfectly within a powerful elliptical wooden structure. It is an abstract and stark reflection of that balance that the name suggests.

The low heat LEDs themselves are contained within the elliptical structure and they shine a 360 degree warm white 3500K on the orbs within. They also have a guaranteed lifetime of up to 55,000 hours – a truly impressive length of time considering your average bulb has an average lifetime of up to 2,000 hours and even most LED lamps only have an average lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

Now let’s take a more in depth look at the orbs contained within. In it’s powered off mode a single orb hangs down from the top of the ellipse. The second sits peacefully on the lamp’s base. It is when you raise that second orb up however that the true magic happens. The lower orb – tethered to the base of the Heng Balance Lamp – is magically held in place just underneath the hanging orb. This activates the lamp and there the orbs peacefully hovers, mystically separated by only a few millimeters, until separated at which point the lamp will be deactivated.

It is the lower orb that plays the role of the Heng Balance Lamp’s switch. Strong neodymium magnets hidden within the two orbs attract one another, and in doing so activate a mechanism within the base that turns the lamp on. The process is simple and peaceful, and again reflects the balance of its namesake.

The Heng Balance Lamp is perfectly safe for both adults and children alike. As mentioned the LEDs are low heat and it has been tested in every way imaginable and certified as safe, meaning that as well as being a fantastically functional and peaceful lamp, it also makes a perfect nightlight for little ones that might need that extra little bit of peace and serene security while they sleep.

Coming in a variety of beautifully stunning colors the Heng Balance Lamp creates a calm and soothing aura to any environment it is in. So we hope you can see how the Heng Balance Lamp can fill your home with that constant lasting balance that it is named after. Now what are you waiting for? Head on over to our online store now and bring a little bit of that balance into your life now!